Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's All You

It's All You
Written by Candice Lamb

Livin' in your small world
in your small town.
There's not much beyond horizon.
Only what's in sight's believed to exist.
Narrow minded you are.
You live in your small world.
You have magical powers.

You can turn a raindrop into an overflowing river of lies.
You can turn a single tree into a forest of hatred.

Beyond the surface lies your self obsessions.
Beyond the surface lies deceit.
Beyond the surface lies your self absorbed vanity.

You can make a cough become pneumonia.
You can make make-believe come true.
You can make every little thing about you.
Go ahead, let yourself feel good.

'cause you know that's all you have.
That's all you have.
You live in your small, small world.
Narrow minded you are.
Your not special, your special.
Exaggeration's not a magical power.